Odprto prvenstvo Hessen (GER)

Hessenmeisterschaft is over.
Yesterday they cancelled the task already on take off as it was clear that sky was just about to drop some water on us, either up the valley or other side.

Marcus from Germany won ahead of me and Suan Selenati on third place. I really enjoyed seeing that I was able to correct small mistakes and catch up people also from behind. Second task I was leading most of the way and it was fun to see how relaxed a task can be when you have people behind and you are just keeping up the tempo of flying. I am more and more satisfied with the Moyes Rs glider, having a chance to climb so good is great advantage when you can think your progress easier and more calm. Some heavy flying was on the last task with strong turbulence but I am very happy to see that I feel great on the glider also in really messed up air. Now back to work and then for Carlo Zanchettin competition in 14 days. Really looking forward for another race days 🙂

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Avtor: Matjaž Klemenčič