Austria open

I am in Austria right now at Austria open competition. First strong competition after Aeros Winter race. Today they set up the task of something like 120 km up and down the valley with the jump over Weeisensee and back.

Not really good looking day with quite low cloudbase, or is it just me spoiled with 3000m cloudbase every day Heessenmeisterchaft here in Greifenburg.

Any way, the day went of with quite a good start where I was with the leading gaggle for the first 20 km where they pushed to the shade and in the end climbed out. I was always on the tail of them, but lost them when we had to cross over Weeisensee. I meet up there with Tom Weisenberger with whom we flew rest of the race together mostly racing the ridge.

In the end I jump straight back to Weeisensee ridge and after I climbed 100m over the ridge I flew to Greifenburg valley. Mistake mistake. On very this ridge Oleg and I think also Cari Castle where they where victim of rotors. I found my self in the lee side of the ridge with roller coaster ride punching from all sides while suddenly it was all quite, the sail was loose, wires where down…

All the way to the goal was very turbulent, I watched Tom landing with about 5 gliders in goal. Ollie who is here with his XC group told me that in the end I was second.

So first in was Tom then me and then Gerolf. Primoz made a fast run with later start gate.

Organisers a doing big job here, having a bus to the take off, retrieval, Livetracking, you name it. For 100 €. Maybe Bassano organisers could learn something out of that…

Tomorrow looks like “fen” wind is coming, lets hope for a quick task before it comes.


Austria open is over with only one task made. 1. Tom Weissenberger 2. Matjaz Klemencic 3. Primoz Gricar
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Avtor: Matjaž Klemenčič