Oulton Park (GB)- prvenstvo Superstok 600
Forcefieldov dirkač Josh Wainwright je padel tik pred motorjem Johnnya Blackshawa, ki se Josha ni mogel izogniti in ga je povozil.
Verjeli ali ne: Josh je v redu!

Izjava Josha po padcu:
Josh – “Once again Forcefield came to my rescue I seem to have a tendency of when I crash I get hit by another bike or rider, that’s twice now I’ve been hit in the back/neck area and thankfully walked away with relatively minor injuries. I don’t remember much about the crash yesterday as I was knocked out for a while I have seen the video on You Tube and also seen the full frame of photos and I know I’m very lucky. It was a nasty crash and I’m lucky to have been fully protected and I owe Forcefield a huge thank you and also to the track medics and marshals’ they did an awesome job.”