Pure Oxygen in a can
  • Pure Oxygen in a can
  • Pure Oxygen in a can

Oxygen in a can- 3 L


Pure oxygen for energy boost, power and concentration.

3 l oxygen
30 intakes
Can dimension: 50 x 183 mm. Can weight: ca. 50 g


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When to use FeelOXY?

- before, during and after extreme training- at work, when concentration starts to decrease- on business trips to reduce jet-lag symptoms- on parties after drinking alcohol (to decrease hangover)- on trips to higher altitudes (over 2000 m)- during studying- long distance driving- when you need to feel more relaxed

Facts about FeelOXY:

- all natural- no calories- no artificial substances- it is not declared as doping by the World Anti-Doping Agency- all materials from EU- filled with high quality pure oxygen of medical quality- full can is very light

Sufficient levels of oxygen in our blood will help us to:

- maintain energy and vitality- reduce stress- increase alertness- reduce jet lag effects- improve cognitive abilities (including memory and reaction time)- reduce consequences of polluted air on our body- manage effects of high altitudes more easily- optimize sports achievements- faster muscles and tiredness recovery
1.  Put your finger on the piston and put the can approx. 1-2 cm from your mouth.
2. Press and hold the piston 1 second, inhaling continually.
3. Repeat   3- 5  times.



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