RiDE Magazine reviews the Pro L2K Dynamic

10/10/2017 10:00:00

Another great review of the Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic; this is from the December issue of RiDE Magazine.

‘Use the Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic, Luke’ article from Motofire.com

08/09/2017 13:54:00

Here’s a great (Star Wars-themed) article about our Pro L2K Dynamic back protector by Motofire.com.

‘Use the ‘Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic’ Luke!

The Pro L2K Dynamic is the latest version of Forcefield’s long-running Pro L2 back protector range – 14 years it’s been going, apparently.

The bumph says it’ is now built with a softer and more pliable moulded first protection layer, so it 3D moulds and shapes faster, giving more comfort without compromising on safety. And it all has Forcefield DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials) integrated throughout.

It’s designed to fit close to the body, and has the ability to withstand multiple impacts, the multi-layered technical materials are held together with Kevlar® thread for added security and strength and it is – of course – certified to EN1621-2 CE2 standards.

Forcefield say it’s good for on road, on track, touring, commuting, super-moto, and adventure riding as it’s soft, comfortable and non-restrictive, breathable, lightweight and has an adjustable three-point waist fastening and shoulder straps.

It comes in both mens and ladies versions, and has an RRP of £134.99.’

Click here for full review.

Super Streetbike tests Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V

23/08/2017 11:10:00

Super Streetbike tests a range of Forcefield armoured technical underwear – below is their review of the Pro Shirt X-V.

This shirt feels substantial. It’s relatively heavy and packs armor into all the vital areas, including a large one-piece chest protector. Yet it’s very easy to wear. For starters, it’s constructed from BeCool fabric with Evo Vents to pull heat and sweat away from your body and replaces it with fresh air, which feels good when you’re in motion.

Some nice design touches include a side-entry zipper, which allowed Forcefield to include its one-piece chest protector while still providing a wide opening to put it on easily. There are thumbholes at the bottom of the sleeves to keep everything in place when you put a jacket over the top. It even has a long tail to keep it tucked into your pants when riding.

Forcefield uses its patented, multi-density, modular Nitrex Evo armor in the elbows and shoulders. Formed in a triangular grid, this is a lightweight, CE-approved armor that is breathable and molds to your contours. The Pro Shirt X-V also employs NEVO 7010 armor in the back and chest. This is another CE-approved armor that is formed from three layers of a dense foam-like material. It’s easily removable for washing and, like the Nitrex Evo inserts, offers “Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) for consistent protection from multiple impacts” – so you don’t need to throw it out after a fall or two, provided it’s undamaged.

Perhaps its only snag with this level of armor is it can make you feel invulnerable, tempting you to wear something flimsy over the top. However, Forcefield makes no claims about abrasion protection for the Pro Shirt X-V, so you’ll want to wear leather or kevlar over it for full security.

The breathable fabric keeps you cool all day, on and off the bike. It’s elasticity means everything stays in place and isn’t constantly twisting around. The chest protector is probably the only noticeable aspect since you’re aware of its presence but I didn’t find it creeping up towards my neck as other armor is prone to do. And you know it’s going to do its job if you ever need to call on its services.

Priced at $299, it’s the Pro Shirt X-V isn’t cheap but you’re buying the armor protection of most jackets, with the heat control and moisture wicking of Technical Underwear, so we’d have to suggest the price is justified.

Click here for full review.

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Fast Bikes Magazine reviews the new Pro Sub 4K

22/08/2017 13:35:00

The September issue of Fast Bikes Magazine features the new Forcefield Pro Sub 4K back protector.

RiDE Magazine reviews the Pro Sub 4K

17/08/2017 16:34:00

Great review of our Pro Sub 4K by RiDE Magazine this month.

Pro Sub 4K in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine

15/08/2017 10:12:00

The September issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine features our new Pro Sub 4K back protector.

Pro L2K Dynamic features in Bike Buyers Guide

03/08/2017 12:07:00

The new Forcefield Pro L2K Dynamic back protector features in Ireland’s Bike Buyers Guide this month.

They say: ‘What is probably the most comfortable back protector improved and refined even further. The Pro L2K Dynamic, from protection specialists Forcefield, now benefits from faster 3D moulding, is even less noticeable under a jacket and offers no compromise on protection levels.’

Motoplus.ca reviews our Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic back protectors

19/07/2017 13:08:00

‘Enhanced security and outstanding comfort’ – below is a great review of Forcefield’s new Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic back protectors from Motoplus.ca.

They say: ‘The British manufacturer Forcefield Body Armour updates its two most powerful back protectors and introduces the Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic.

Considered by experts and the specialist press as the most efficient back protectors on the market – they have won our comparative back protector test – the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 and Pro L2 are updated to provide enhanced performance and comfort, and increased use.

The new Pro Sub 4K integrates Forcefield’s DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material). The different layers of absorbent material are now sewn together with Kevlar thread for increased strength and protection. This is the only back protector to transmit a force of less than 4kn when tested for impact, making it the best protection on the market.

The new Pro L2K Dynamic is the latest iteration of the original Pro L2 introduced on the market 14 years ago. It is now made of a more flexible and flexible base material that allows three-dimensional moulding activated by body heat to be more responsive and take shape faster. This results in enhanced protection and increased ease of use. The Pro L2K Dynamic also integrates Forcefield’s DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material).

The Forcefield Pro Sub 4K and Pro L2K Dynamic back protectors offer unmatched protection, even after multiple impacts, using Repeat Performance Technology (RPT). They can be used on track (speed, super moto) but also on road to commute, travel or go on an adventure.’

Read the full review here

Super Streetbike magazine reviews Forcefield Base Layer T-Shirt and Pants

17/07/2017 11:11:00

Great review of Forcefield Base Layer T-shirt and Pants from Super Streetbike.

They say: ‘British company, Forcefield, specializes in body armor for different action sport activities. Highly regarded around the world, its products are specified by a number of clothing manufacturers and action sport companies. In North America, riders can buy Forcefield products from MotoNation.com, either as individual inserts or in armored clothing.

Available with long or short sleeves for men or women, the range includes matching pants that feature reinforced knees for durability.

The items are manufactured from BeCool fabric. This is described as a polyamide fiber with four-channel thread that is three times more diffusive than cotton. In other words, it ensures high levels of breathability, helping to keep you fresh rather than soggy.

Forcefield describes the fabric like a fan, which is a great analogy. It is able to push hot, humid air away from the skin, towards the outer layer of the fabric. It also allows cool, dry air to circulate from the outside to the surface of the skin, making you feel cooler.

When wearing the Base Layers, the fan concept comes to life. You feel a cooling effect and sweat is quickly removed. Jumping off the bike after a long ride, I quickly heat up in all my gear. If I’m wearing a cotton T-shirt and underwear, they absorb the sweat and take a while to dry. However, the Forcefield Base Layers rapidly pull sweat away from the body, allowing me to cool down sooner and feel comfortable for longer.

This feature would be most apparent after a full track day, where the exertion will have you sweating in your leathers. However, technical underwear will take the sweat away from your body and create a cooling effect whatever situation you’re in.

The Base Layers are form fitting to keep the fabric next to your skin, helping the effect work more immediately. The fabric is comfortable to wear all day and has coped with machine washing – both manufacturers recommend a cold wash and air-drying to preserve the wicking and anti-bacterial effects.’

Read the full review here

Motorcycle News gives our back protector 9/10 stars

27/06/2017 11:37:00

Another brilliant review and lots of stars for Forcefield. This article is from the August issue of Motorcycle News.

The Sport Lite back protector has been superseded by the Pro L2K Evo – see website for details.

Bike Magazine ‘impressed’ with Isolator 2 upgrade armour

26/06/2017 10:53:00

Here is Bike Magazine’s glowing review of our Isolator 2 Upgrade Armour from their August issue.

They say: ‘CE level 2 armour transmits far less impact force to the rider than CE level 1. And that usually means it’s thicker, heavier and more cumbersome than the stuff you get in your regular CE approved kit. So, the fact that this innovative upgrade from armour masters Forcefield is so thin, light and flexible yet is able to pass the stringent level 2 tests is amazing. Then consider that the most expensive bit is the level 2 back protector at £34.99. Impressive.’

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Mountain Bike Action magazine reviews our Contakt Shorts

23/03/2017 10:03:00

The editorial team at the world’s best-selling mountain bike magazine, Mountain Bike Action, have tested and reviewed our Contakt Shorts in their May issue.

‘Forcefield’s Contakt Shorts are mountain-bike specific and have all the features a rider could ask for.’

‘Once we spent 15-20 minutes in these shorts, we completely forgot we had pads on.’

Our Contakt Shorts were voted the ‘most protective’ shorts out of three brands on the market. A key feature – the longevity of performance – was also highlighted: Forcefield’s Contakt Shorts ‘continued to deliver top-notch performance ride after ride.’

Read the full review below.


Motorcycle Monthly reviews the Pro L2K Evo back protector

21/03/2017 10:07:00

The March issue of Motorcycle Monthly features a review of our Pro L2K Evo back protector.

‘It’s a small price to pay for the job it’s there to do.’


MXA Magazine reviews Forcefield Contakt Shorts

10/03/2017 09:58:00

Motocross Action Magazine (MXA) has published a review of Forcefield’s Contakt Shorts.

It appears in the April 2017 issue of the US magazine:

‘There are riding shorts, and then there’sthe Forcefield Contakt Short, which is designed for gruelling all-day rides in the saddle.’



28/02/2017 13:29:00

Canadian moto magazine Motoplus.ca has just published a review of our Pro Vest X-V and Pro Shirt X-V.

‘Concerned with the protection of motorcyclists, both on road and off-road, the British company Forcefield Body Armour presents its life jacket Pro X-V, the ultimate security protection to motorcyclists.

The Forcefield Pro X-V Vest is a modern worthy of Iron Man armour that fits under a combination of leather, off road jacket, enduro jacket or motocross shirt, whichever discipline that you practice. Designed to protect motorcyclists from shocks or falls, it incorporates a host of CE approved removable protections at the level of the elbows, shoulders, back and chest. These are housed in a garment of type Base Layer in BeCool, a highly technical and breathable fibre.

The Pro Shirt X-V is equipped with a large one-piece chest protector for better protection of the ribs and the sternum. It also has a side zipper for easy fastening. The Pro Shirt X-V has an ergonomic design to ensure optimum fit and comfort.

The protections of this armour are made in Nitrex Evo (elbows and shoulders) and NEVO 7010 (backbone and protects chest). Thanks to a three-dimensional moulding process, they fit perfectly on the shape of the body. These approved protections enjoy the RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) technology, which allows them to offer optimal protection even after multiple impacts.

The Pro Shirt X-V is made of a fibre technical synthetic antibacterial called BeCool that has an area larger than standard and provides fibre spreading comfort. During exercise, this fibre draws the hot air and moisture from the body outward to make place for cool and dry air. The ventilation of this vest is amplified by areas called Evo wind areas that offer management of heat and moisture, even in the hottest and wettest conditions.

A Pro-X-V-S version with short sleeves, and pants protection Pro Pants with the same technology, is also available.’


Snow.Guide gives Slam Shorts 9/10 for snowboarders

27/02/2017 15:22:00

Forcefield Slam Shorts scored a 9 out of 10 from ski and snowboarding website Snow.Guide.

‘I love the fact that these are designed for snowboarders and in cutting out the excess hip padding, the Slam Shorts are extremely comfortable with a low profile and I didn’t even realise I had them on most of the time.’

Read the full review at http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com/news/


Rust Magazine reviews the Forcefield layering system

06/02/2017 14:59:00

What better way of testing the performance of base layers, and temperature regulating, breathable body armour than a hard day on a dirt bike, in very cold temperatures.
Cold outside, working hard on the bike, getting hot, producing sweat, and then cooling right down again. An extreme test if ever there was one!
Rust Magazine have recently given Forcefield products a full work out as part of their ‘Cold Killers’ section. Scroll down to read the full reviews of our Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants (mid layer), Pro Shirt X-V (armour layer) and Base Layer Shirt & Pants (base layer) .
The Forcefield layering system is modular, technical and has been designed to work together. The most technical of fabrics, the highest performing armour, all with no bulk, and super comfortable to wear all day long.


Rust Magazine reviews (1 of 3)… Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants

06/02/2017 14:58:00

Rust Magazine’s review of our Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants:


Rust Magazine reviews (2 of 3)… Pro Shirt X-V

06/02/2017 14:57:00

Rust Magazine’s review of our Pro Shirt X-V:


Rust Magazine reviews (3 of 3)… Base Layer Shirt & Pants

06/02/2017 14:56:00

Rust Magazine’s review of our Base Layer Shirt & Pants:


Base Layers Achieve ‘5 Star’ Rating from Motoplus.ca

20/01/2017 14:34:00

Forcefield’s Base Layer garments have achieved a 5 star rating in a review published this month by Canadian moto publication, Motoplus.ca.

The Base Layers achieved the highest scores for comfort, breathability and manufacturing quality.

The review was originally published in French. The English translation describes the the Base Layer t-shirt as ‘the perfect companion for the adventurous motorcyclist who wants to benefit from good thermal regulation under all circumstances.’

The full review is at: http://motoplus.ca/evaluation/2017/01/t-shirt-base-layer-de-forcefield/

BMW Owners News reviews our Pro Shirt X-V

12/01/2017 11:58:00

Professional travel writer/photographer and motojournalist, Christopher P Baker, tests our Pro Shirt X-V on a 400 mile ride from Palm Springs to Mariposa. His product review appears in the January 2017 issue of the American publication, BMW Owners News.

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Arc-On gloves (with Forcefield armour) reviewed in RiDE Magazine (February 2017)

11/01/2017 16:50:00

More great reviews for Forcefield Body Armour! This time it’s Arc-On’s Apex gloves (with Forcefield armour) featuring in RiDE Magazine’s ‘best kit review’ of 2016, from the February 2017 issue.

Forcefield armour is fitted in the outer wrist and the knuckle.

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US publication Cycle News reviews Tornado Advance

15/12/2016 14:15:00

US publication Cycle News reviews Tornado Advance in their December 2016 issue.

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Forcefield feature in RiDe Magazine’s ‘best kit’ of 2016 list

14/12/2016 14:29:00

Our Technical Base Layers have won a RiDE Magazine Recommended Award in their ‘best kit’ list of 2016!

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Full page review of Tornado Advance in RiDE Magazine

17/11/2016 11:39:00

Thanks to RiDE Magazine for publishing a full page review of our Tornado Advance mid-layers in their January 2017 issue. Read the full article below.

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Bike Magazine reviews Tornado Advance

24/10/2016 10:18:00

This review appears in the New Products section of Bike Magazine (December 2016). Bike Magazine says: ‘It’ll be great for long rides in the cooler Autumn and Winter months’.

great for long rides in the cooler Autumn and Winter months’.

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Rider Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide features Forcefield’s Base Layers

21/10/2016 09:49:00

Rider Magazine’s ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ features Forcefield’s range of Base Layers for motorcycle riders. Available in male and female-specific fits.

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Motorcycle News showcase Tornado Advance

26/09/2016 15:50:00

Great review of ‘top-notch windproof clobber’ Tornado Advance in the latest issue of Motorcycle News. New for 2017 and in the shops now!

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Grid Knee Protector reviewed in Bike Magazine

23/08/2016 12:23:00

US publication, Bike Magazine, has reviewed our Grid Knee Protectors in their September/October issue.

  1. Impact protection is provided by the removable, highly breathable and flexible NeT armour – and not Nitrex Evo as the review suggests.

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Great review of our Contakt Shorts in Cycle News

12/08/2016 10:09:00

Cycle News have reviewed our Contakt Shorts in their ‘stuff” pages of their digital magazine this month. Cycle News – America’s Motorcycle News Source.

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Motoplus.ca – November 2014 – Pro L2K EVO & Elite


Canadian online moto magazine Motoplus.ca reviews the Pro L2K EVO back protector and Elite chest protector after a long term test and awards both a full 5 out of 5 stars
View the full review here


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ADVMoto – November/December 2014 – Extreme Harness Adventure


The Extreme Harness Adventure makes an appearance in the November/December edition of US magazine ADV Moto.


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Motorbike – October 2014 – Pro Shirt, Action Short, Strap On Knee


Korea’s best selling bike magazine MOTORBIKE feature the Pro Shirt, Action Shorts and Strap On Knee Protectors in a full page “I Like This” special…..


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Adventur Bike Rider – October 2014 – Blade Back Protector


Hot Stuff! UK magazine Adventure Bike Rider show the Blade Back Protector in their round up of the latest and best products


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RiDE – October 2014 – Limb Tubes


Perfect under Kevlar jeans or textile riding kit the Forcefield Limb Tube knee protectors get a thumbs up in the October 2014 issue of RiDE magazine


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Solo Moto – September 2014 – Blade Back Protector


Spanish moto magazine Solo Moto features the Forcefield Blade Back Protector in their Moto Shop section and awards it the recommended Good Buy tags!


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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure – September 2014 – Airo Vest


The September 2014 issue of Motorcycle Sport and Leisure magazine features the Forcefield Airo Vest for those riders looking for armour that is stylish and protective but that won’t weigh you down!


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SuperBike Italia – July 2014 – Pro Sub 4


The July edition of Italian moto magazine Superbike Italia explains why you should never ride without a back protector and features the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 which impresses the testers with its comfort, flexibility, wide coverage and high level of impact resistance……


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Switchback- August/September 2014 – Zeus Knee & Elbow Protectors


“The Forcefield ZEUS pads deliver technology and comfort that is often difficult to find in the protection market……”
The latest review from US MTB magazine Switchback who highly rate the Zeus Knee and Elbow protectors….


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Fast Bikes – Summer 2014 – Elite Chest Protector


More recognition for Forcefield, this time it is the new Elite Chest Protector that gets a “Best Buy” award from Fast Bikes magazine.


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